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Do you have books and records on every vehicle?

We have the original books and records for most of our vehicles. Ask your Sales Team Member if the vehicle you're interested in comes with books and records.

Do you sell vehicles to purchasers located outside of the United States?

Yes, we sell vehicles to purchasers all over the world - Canada, Dubai, Germany, Asia, Russia, Dominican Republic, and more!

What is your bottom line on this vehicle?

When you account for colors, mileage, and options, we are usually priced well below the market. With the quality of car that we are known to deliver, you will agree that we have already priced this car to sell.

Why should I purchase a used vehicle versus a new one?

When you purchase a new vehicle and drive it off the showroom floor; you've made it a used car. Every make of vehicle depreciates at this point - a minimum of about 10% to 12% immediately and then continually throughout the first year. A $100,000 luxury vehicle will normally depreciate 30% by the end of the first year. When you buy a pre-owned car, still under full factory warranty, and some with as few as 7,000 miles, there is very little depreciation. It adds up to huge savings! Simply put: Let someone else take the big depreciation!

Where do you find such beautiful used vehicles?

We are so trusted by large franchise dealers that call us when they have a trade-in that they do not wish to market. For example, a Mercedes-Benz dealership will not market a BMW and vice-versa. Our origins are from the wholesale industry where we supplied other retail dealers with cars. Today our philosophy has shifted to providing you with those cars. Additionally to the new car trade ins, we have connections to a handful of the top wholesalers in the United States. We have a wholesale warehouse 25 minutes away in Teterboro, NJ that houses over 15 different wholesalers including us. So at any given moment we have access to over 1,500 cars that could be had within 25 minutes. We also have access to 2 of the major online vehicle exchange programs accessible only by dealers, so in case we don’t have the exact car you are looking for within the 1,500 readily available cars, we can locate the specific car you are looking for online within minutes. In summary, if we can’t find you the car you are looking for nobody can!

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes! Please go to our Sell Us Your Car page if you would like to get feedback on the value of your trade-in vehicle.

My dream car is not currently in your inventory. Can you find it for me?

YES! YES! YES! Please go to our Locate A Car page and let us know the details of your dream car! We will do everything we can to find it for you.

Are the prices listed on eBay different than those listed on your website?

They are usually the same. We have special sales everyday on select vehicles so please make sure to ask what special sale we are having TODAY!!! We use the same inventory feed for our website and our eBay listings so the price points start out the same. You are welcome to make an offer through eBay or by contacting our dealership.

Can you provide a CARFAX report on your vehicles?

Yes! Please ask your Sales Team member for a faxed or email copy.


This car is still under factory warranty; why should I buy an extended service plan now?

Service contracts are similar to life insurance in that the young ones, with the least amount of miles, are eligible for the best coverage for less cost. As the vehicle ages the cost for an extended plan rises, therefore it is in the best interest of our customers that we offer the contracts to the customers at the time of purchase.

Can you ship overseas?

Yes! Many of our shippers offer containerized shipping overseas.

What is the average shipping cost per vehicle?

Cost for shipping varies depending on distance. Please check with your Sales Team member for an estimate.


Who is responsible for taking such beautifully detailed photos of your vehicles?

Thrift Auto Sales is proud to have professional photographer Alex Chujko on our team. To read more about Alex and his work, please click here.

Where in NJ are you located?

Our showroom is located in historic Morristown home of the 1st President of the United States, which is located in Morris County, NJ. We are located 40 minutes from NY City by way of George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, and Holland Tunnel, 1 hour from Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut. We are located 1 minute off Route 287 and 5 minutes off the GSP and 10 minutes of NJ Turnpike. For a map and driving directions, please visit our Contact Us page.

How far from Newark-Liberty International Airport is your dealership?

Our showroom is approximately 15 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport. We are also an easy train or taxi ride from La Guardia and JFK airport, so don’t hesitate to make a New York City weekend in addition to the present of a NEW CAR!!

Who is responsible for cleaning your vehicles so thoroughly?

Thrift Auto Sales is proud to have fulltime detailers on our team.

Are you hiring Sales Team members?

We will always talk to top producers. Please e-mail our Business Development Administrator for more information.

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